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FDMA9 - Full Digital Modern Art 9

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Like its predecessors (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8), this collection is unique in that all of the works in it came from a single malfunctioning source, with different backdrops and distortions. Furthermore, this particular installment of Full Digital Modern Art is home to a little bit of an experiment with moire - Culmination I, II, III, IV, and V portray the same source with the same backdrop but with different kinds of moire applied - in sequence, it spirals out from a central point and then assimilates itself into a grid between the rippling wave effects caused by the moire. The other collection that has experimented the most with moire like this is Ripple Wave Modern Art, and that one strove for more artistic value than for experimentation. But, Culmination aside, this collection has some other interesting works as well. Worship and Enlightened Smugness share virtually the same composition and motifs, but their color schemes differentiate them in an interesting way. Colored Grades is literal in a way that Full Digital Modern Art rarely gets to be, with very simple and straightforward but also very effective composition, and a neat secondary color scheme of cyan, magenta, and yellow. But perhaps the most notable other work this week is Buckets for Everything, a rainbow-colored work which experiments more and more with color distribution from top to bottom - first a gradient, then a line where everything blurs together, and then what looks like glass buckets for color that distort the borders between shades, and finally a set of dull segmented containers at the bottom. Please enjoy!

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