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FDMA4 - Full Digital Modern Art 4

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The next in the series after FDMA, FDMA2, and FDMA3, this collection is once again a collection of works all taken from the same source. The most interesting design and persistent features this time around are a usual (for FDMA collections, anyway) focus on horizontal lines, and a unique shading and texturing style which uses noticeably large circles to define the structure of works. Dead Fungus uses this most overtly and arguably to the greatest effect, going from an aggressively dull gray monochrome to a nice blue in a few simple transitions, the texture outlining it all. Looking Into a Deep Forest is the only work in the collection that doesn't make use of the circles texture, but instead it has a very "smeary" texture built into its usage of the horizontal line motif, preserving its uniqueness. Amourous Current takes the two approaches to texture and matches them together, all while focusing on the unusual color of Magenta that contributes to its theme and title. Stable Anchoring Beam is the most colorful work in the collection, spanning the whole spectrum from blue to red and even throwing in a significant amount of magenta as well. But my personal favorite work this week is From Calm, Storm Inside, a work that even incorporates moire in order to enhance its texture and composition. Please enjoy!

Amourous Current

Baked Vorteces

Dead Fungus

From Calm, Storm Inside

Looking Into a Deep Forest

Rear Side of a Rainbow

Stable Anchoring Beam

The Uncertainty of Entrance