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Newest Collection: MABD - Modern Art Bright Danger

11 January 2021

This week's new collection is MABD. The works in this collection are relatively bright in lighting, color, or tone, but at the same time present some sort of risk or uncertainty. Starting right off, Cast of White Shadow is light and maintains direction, if not necessarily motion. The work seems to be stopped in time, an impression aided by its intentionally drab palette; the foreground of white contrasts only in its lightness from the background, and shines down upon a cast at the bottom, much like a shadow. Next, Destructive is striking, simple in composition yet effective in storytelling. The moments that led to this frame are self-evident, an explosion of light surrounding and emanating out from a spiky central figure that moves away. The blackness of the figure helps it contrast with the destruction it has wrought, and the flecks of light that can be seen inside it give the impression, perhaps, of sorrow or regret. Faint Golden Aura is monochromatic, all in a yellowy-gold, and mostly very dark. Two areas of bright light are present on either side of the image, seeming to cast a haze over the foreground of the image. Behind that, a thin many-limbed creature of shadow reaches from one end to the other, though it is unclear what it means to accomplish. In a way, both bright lights seem to orient towards that figure; as for why, that's left as an exercise for the viewer. Similarly, The Shade of Blades's subject is simply constructed of shadow underneath the foreground, not maintaining a chromatic identity of its own. The roughness of the work's overall texture contrasts with the sharp, angular nature of the blades that are the shadows in this work, and from the color gradient - fading into black at the edges - it is clear that this image is simply one part of a much larger picture that we can only imagine. And finally of note, Flame Overtaking Underbrush is precise in composition and in color usage both. The foreground figure serves as a neat barrier against the yellow-orange-red flames of the background, about to eat up the last of the green that's left. In this foreground, figures of blackness look upon the fires - it seems that they may be the ones responsible. Please enjoy!



Shielded Seaview is a work so elegant in its simplicity yet so well accomplishing what it means to do, all with a unique and soothing violet color scheme, that it bears profound respect. The gradient from light to dark is very gradual, and is placed perfectly on a flat border to delimit the sky from the water reflecting it, in one of the best compositions of any work in this gallery.



Being among the most cohesive of the works in its style, this work portrays a flock of birds, made of lightning. The bright, razor-thin skeletons of electricity that comprise their skeletons, with a surrounding electric blue glow that fades into the dark sky behind them, make this work more literal than most, yet at the same time abstract, and meaningful.



This is a simple work that focuses on design with a nice, fairly uncommon background color that complements the design well. The work's vertical lines help to emphasize the power of the spell being performed.



Some sort of wave travels along, and as it reaches the center of this work it expands and reaches a sort of explosion, from which it departs in a marvelous array of colors. It is abstraction incarnate - what this picture really displays is impossible to understand, but it begs to be examined and reexamined, and admired for its beauty, its incomprehensibility. This work is the precursor to almost every other Ripple Wave work in this gallery, including the entire contents of RWMA and RWMA2.



This work exemplifies elegant simplicity with both its design and its color scheme. The interesting texture in the blue background of the work simply complements the consistent tone and texture of the reddish foreground, with the contours of the image just suggesting the shape of a suit jacket without being too overt.