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Newest Collection: MAIE - Modern Art Interactive Environments

11 November 2019

This week's new collection is MAIE. This is a refreshingly straightforward, typical collection, framing its works more as landscapes than as portraits, but as is always the case with modern art, the works are abstract and able to be interpreted in many different ways. Starting off, Stalwart Bulwark is a more active variant of the dust motif that has been seen before in previous works, imposing a foreground and vertical and horizontal lines in front. The curved contour of the dusty violet area, longer at the top than at the bottom, gives the impression of slow movement towards the sturdy, solid-colored foreground. Next, The Roughest Dam has an extroadinarily rough texture both in the foreground, characterized by tough horizontal lines, and the background, a strong yet slightly faded solid red. The shades of color, moving from cyan to red from the bottom of the work to the top, leaves an impression of fighting a long battle, and becoming tired - the fact that the reddish background fades into black at its edges also helps with that impression. In the Night, On the Moon is an almost ethereal, very abstract work with a somewhat desaturated palette. The sense of depth is also hazy, though no part of the work itself is besides the background; whether the somewhat colorful fixture in the center is in front of or behind the dark mass at the bottom, or behind or in front of the light in the top-right, is uncertain and left to the interpretation of the viewer. Flitting Through the Future details a black subject on a white foreground against a black background, given some light by violet lights towards the top and bottom. The horizontal lines in the background and the vertical lines in the foreground convey movement, forwards for those in the background and upwards for those in the foreground; this work is overall well-composed, with a sense of purpose and momentum, while still being somewhat abstract. And finally of note, Inbuevue is one of the most abstract works in this collection, from its name to its composition. The work is fairly soft, with smooth curves and contours, and a contrast between a foreground shrouded in shadow and a background from which a bright light emanates. Overall the impression given is of utter calmness, relaxing and surveying this new environment. Please enjoy!



This looks less like a typical work of art in this gallery and more like a physical collage, with its spattering of different colors, textures, motifs, and contours. It emphasizes artistic exploration, pushing the boundaries and seeing what can be done.



This is one of the gallery's earlier examples of pixel art, and one of the more composed works. Though quite coarse in texture, the color usage is good, with a lively yellow-peach gradient in the background, blue and cyan emphasizing the subjects of the work, and the magenta line segments help to create structure and give the work a sense of motion.



A calming work, representative of an entire class of the works in this gallery. The sunset motif is heavily visible in the background's orange-red color scheme, with the setting sun reflected in the lighter areas of the background. The feeling rolls across the smooth yet turbulent foreground from light into shadow, representing the shift from day into night.



This work is angular and blocky in an interesting way, and contains a diverse palette of different colors that don't quite mesh but yet do not disrupt each other. It's almost like a broken machine that, yet, still works through force of careful foresight and good construction. This work is also the predecessor of a few later works that explore the "room" theme further, most notably Mystery Room and Maze Room.



This is a good example of a work with a cohesive texture that allows it to utilize complimentary colors in close proximity to each other. Incorporating the whole trinity of red, blue, and yellow, and using a combination of vertical and horizontal lines (and the absence thereof) to define the depth of various parts of the image, make this an excellent composition.