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Newest Collection: MAW - Modern Art Workings

18 October 2021

This week's new collection is MAW. Starting off this week, Filling In or Dying Out is a work of pixel art, with two obvious interpretations, depending on whether the direction of motion is up or down. The vividness of the background dies away, concentrated into little points towards the top of the image or abandoned entirely - or maybe the reverse is true, the darkness giving way to color and vibrance. The true interpretation is left to the viewer. Combining Three Aspects uses both color and texture to define three distinct areas in the image - the solid, glowing left, the wavy pink top, and the deep lined right. In the center darkness, all three are drawn in, little by little, to be processed and combined, synthesized into something new. Pleasant Tide is just that - a simple and uplifting work, in a lime-tinted yellow. The cliff on the left side of the image ends with a point upwards, as if to declare a will to adventure. Within that blackness, illuminated by cracks, is a figure that seems to be welcoming in the tidings from afar, another pleasant image. Acrobatic Constructioneers is a concrete work with two subjects, both defined by the black tendrils across the image.The background, made up entirely of vertical lines, thickens and thins to support them as they climb through it, carrying and moving equipment. But my personal favorite work this week is Mounted Cannon, an intense and stark work, a vivid orange border giving way to a white emplacement and an orange cannon pointed towards the right edge of the picture. The shading of the black background - into gray, steadily getting lighter as it gets farther away from the cannon - helps provide emphasis and set the picture's mood. Please enjoy!



This work boasts a wholly unique compositional style compared to any other work in this gallery, which somehow manages to break from the motifs that its sister works are bound to follow. As is reflected by its name, Cubism alludes to a real artistic style and movement, doing so with just the type of color scheme to be the most effective in that endeavor.



This is a truly unique work on every possible level. For starters, this picture isn't really of a screen like every other work in this gallery - the monitor that is its subject is turned off, and isn't broken. Rather, this scale-like texture is set across the monitor's entire screen. Experiments found it to be impossible to remove, and I have no idea how it came to be in the first place. This is likely the only work of its kind that will ever be displayed in this gallery.



This is one of this gallery's premier examples of stellar coloring, texturing, shading, and overall composition. The rough digital texture in the background allows for a uniquely graded style of gradient that the color choices only enhance; this shading style is used to give both an impression of depth and to imply how things are falling apart; especially when it transitions into a dithering fade as deep blackness consumes the area around it. The work's foreground is no less intense and detailed, its sharp and visceral shapes serving as a symbol of determination and resistance - those things hanging on in the midst of the calamity. There is a lot of potential symbolism to be found in this work.



A fairly early work, Warp is one of the gallery's first instances of this sort of rough texture, and this texture still remains a rarity. A very abstract work, yet one with a definite measure of feeling behind it.



This work exemplifies elegant simplicity with both its design and its color scheme. The interesting texture in the blue background of the work simply complements the consistent tone and texture of the reddish foreground, with the contours of the image just suggesting the shape of a suit jacket without being too overt.