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Newest Collection: FUMA - Formerly Unnamed Modern Art

26 September 2022

This week's new collection is FUMA. These works were finished years ago, but put aside because, at the time, I could not come up with names for them. That issue has since been remedied, and these works can instead serve as a look back to earlier compositional and artistic styles in this gallery. First of note, Divider and Sustainer is a cohesive but abstract work, focusing on rays shooting out from the bottom-left corner. These divide the work into several rough sections - the top-left is red, the lower-right is dark gray, and the middle is white. To that end, this work's title refers to the middle section, dividing the work in half across the diagonal. Glace is a very cool-feeling work, which is balanced out by the warm tint from the white area in the lower-left. A confluence of moire exists towards the center of the image, pulling in flecks from across the rest of the background. Given the texture and overall coloration, these may be shards of snow or ice. Needles is a work in an uncommon, but not unique, archetype, in that it is composed entirely and solely of vertical lines, extending from the bottom and fading out towards the top. The variance in color and texture between each line keeps the work feeling interesting despite its singlemindedness. Streakify is an intensely colorful, almost garish work. Its primary color is a pink-violet, but it also incorporates blue, yellow, and green, in loud, thick vertical bands. The wavering, fading texture towards the top of the work is what helps give it its name. But my personal favorite work this week is Double Digital, a work in the Full Digital Modern Art style, split down the center and repeating itself to either side. The coloration is unusually nuanced for this type of work, as is the texture and shading; the fact that each side of the work is smaller than a full image, and thus has more need to pare down and focus on the small details, really helps this work stand out. Please enjoy!



This is a fascinating work that uses a digital texture to portray a technical subject matter. The contrast of both vertical lines and the alternating-horizontal-checkerboard texture of the 'port' itself does a great job of giving a unique impression, and the image's overall color contour works together with its composition to give a good sense of directionality.



A calming work, representative of an entire class of the works in this gallery. The sunset motif is heavily visible in the background's orange-red color scheme, with the setting sun reflected in the lighter areas of the background. The feeling rolls across the smooth yet turbulent foreground from light into shadow, representing the shift from day into night.



This work exemplifies elegant simplicity with both its design and its color scheme. The interesting texture in the blue background of the work simply complements the consistent tone and texture of the reddish foreground, with the contours of the image just suggesting the shape of a suit jacket without being too overt.



This work has possibly the most interesting texture of any work in this gallery - it genuinely looks like rough paint, or a some type of fabric. In addition, its composition is very literal, making it an easy work to view and contemplate.



This work is overtly positive, mainly through its choice of palette. And yet, it remains somber, also partly through its choice of palette, as well as in structure as the negative space in the foreground seems to gaze into the distance. It also serves as a good example of a work that shines in its simplicity.