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MAEE - Modern Art Embodying Exploration

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This is a consistent collection, in terms of theme - every work embodies the spirit of exploration in some way, some more overtly than others. For starters, Exploring a New Side uses moire to turn what would otherwise be a stoic work into one that ripples with implied motion. The work's variety of color, as exemplified in its horizontal and vertical lines (more colorful than the norm of that archetype), and clear division between the areas of different colors, also help enhance the work. Laze Relax holds less strongly to the idea of exploration itself, but at the same time, taking one's time and relaxing is important. What makes this work unique is its color shceme, a deep and strong orange color that is quite rare among works, especially as a work's main color. Anew and Alost focuses on a more yellowy orange background, contrasted by magenta and violet highlights around the white area towards the bottom. The sparse use of vertical lines, and the black creatures' forms, give the work its title and overall feeling; arisen, yet not sure where to go from where they are now. At a Razor's Edge is largely monochrome, and aims to emphasize the need for delicacy of exploring, and not crossing a line to do something unsafe. The color palette alludes to a literal approach to the idea, whereas the work's composition and straight horizontal lines emphasize a more metaphorical approach. Inventivity is bright and colorful and sells itself on those traits. Its form is abstract, and as a result it emphasizes the more artistic interpretation of the principle of exploration - mixing colors and motifs in interesting, innovative ways. And finally of note, A Marvelous Mess looks less like a typical work of art in this gallery and more like a physical collage, with its spattering of different colors, textures, motifs, and contours. Again, it emphasizes artistic exploration, pushing the boundaries and seeing what can be done. Please enjoy!

A Hermit Exploring

A Marvelous Mess

Anew and Alost

At a Razor's Edge

Exploring a New Side


Laze Relax

Topography in Shadow