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MAPS2 - Modern Art Playful Sombreity

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The word "playful" does a good job describing this collection, in that every work within is somewhat experimental in how it uses color and form, while yet remaining grounded and serious, not letting much joy or levity into its moods. Starting off, Playthings All Misplaced is the work that most distinctly reflects the title of this collection. Light, bright cyan and magenta vertical lines make up the work's central diagonal, with a more subdued object defined beneath and a foreboding darkness above. The top-left corner of the work serves as its "nexus", representing the player searching for their lost playthings. The player is emphasized here by intense light and radiance, to show a difference in ultimate importance between them and the objects that make up the bulk of the work. Next, A Turn Away from the Sun is a work that thrives on its excellent yet simple composition, consisting of just two areas of color divided by one expressive and curved region of blackness. The particular curve between the dark golden background and the bright white foreground of the work gives a sense of motion and contour, despite the lack of other details. The layering and depth of the work also helps, with the source of the golden light clearly hidden behind the turning figure that is the work's focus. Glance Out of the Anthill is a concrete, well-defined work. The general foreground is made up of the white area, with black figures in the usual style emphasized by contrast against it. Cyan highlights show motion, and help somewhat to contrast against the work's rich magenta background. This work doesn't have much of a sense of motion, but that is because it isn't in motion, simply striving to be peaceful and contemplative for its subject. High Curtain boasts an interesting palette focus and a unique take on a standard motif. Said variation is turning it upside-down, and placing the area of white at the top instead of at the bottom. In so doing, this work provides a unique point of view and general atmosphere, the contours between the foreground and background combining with the black figure towards the bottom-right corner of the image to tell a story. And finally of note, Dragon-King of Darkness is a work of outlines and silhouettes. This is the kind of work that can be looked upon from many points of view, for a long time, and produce a different interpretation each time, only one of which is reflected in its title. A work that paints a picture, indeed, but an abstract picture. Please enjoy!

A Turn Away from the Sun

Accusing Glance-Over

Dragon-King of Darkness

Glance Out of the Anthill

High Curtain

Multivectored Appendages

Pets and a Cliff

Playthings All Misplaced

Protector of Fowl