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REMA - Relaxing Enigma Modern Art

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This collection emphasizes works that are both abstract and calm or contemplative. Starting off, Perfectly Relaxing Day is a fantastic example of a work with a perfect color gradient to fit the mood it's trying to evoke. The negative space and pools of dark blue help establish the setting, with the bright white contrast behind the blackness assisting with providing depth and contours. Look Upon a Configuration also uses its colors in an interesting way, though its palette is entirely opposite and its style is much different. Instead of a smooth gradient, the bulk of this work uses different styles of shading and dithering to evoke contours with its various colors. The rougher shading and color transitions towards the top of the work are distracted from somewhat by the horizontal lines, an intentional effect. Subtle Subterranean Party is an archetypical work, following design patterns as old as the very first collection on this website. That said, it executes them competently, emphasizing contour and subtle differences in color rather than an interesting palette or gradient. A Spirit's Delicate Touch is arguably the most active work in this collection, but even then the figure portrayed is contemplative and...well, delicate. The entire palette of the work is very cohesive, and the work is overall very centered horizontally. Finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Ephemereal Spiral, a work with interesting uses of color that uses a novel compositional technique - treating a woven yellow foreground almost like a thin layer of sand and drawing in it. At the same time, the work's various different, clearly-defined areas give the feeling that there's a difference between "inside" and "outside", that needs to be accounted for. Please enjoy!

A Spirit's Delicate Touch

Calming Hand on the Shoulder

Ephemereal Spiral

Look Upon a Configuration

Perfectly Relaxing Day

Repose of Small Rest

Subtle Subterranean Party

Wide View of a Busy Bay