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OAMA - Odd Activities Modern Art

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This collection is, by and large, mostly abstract. Its title refers to both activities that happen to be odd, and to modern art that is both odd and has an activity as a subject. Even then, the theme is weak - for example, Unseen Contour, In Repose is abstract and more descriptive than active. The work itself is elegantly simple, however, using only a few colors and very clear delineations between different sections of the work. Next, A Construction Made Unhappy is more in line with the collection's theme. The construction in this work is composed of static and lines towards the right side of the image, and its unhappy attitude is conveyed by the color and texture of the work, not to mention the contours of the negative space. Wave Research Gone Awry is a colorful, abstract, and frenetic yet organized work predominantly using the ripple wave archetype. A wide selection of motifs are present here, from tissue-paper shading to ripple waves to horizontal lines and vertical lines, some even boasting a digital texture. Amidst the cacophany of different ideas, the whole work manages to come together. Scolding an Eldritch Creature is an evocative work, using black silhouettes against a white foreground and a faded red background, with light violet highlights, to portray its scene. The trainer in this scenario is small but in a position of power, sitting at the peak of a hill and conveying power and control, whereas the creature being scolded is crammed against the edge of the image, shying away. Finally of note, Dashing Swordsman is, though quite abstract, an ultimately cinematic work, contributed to by its dramatic gray-and-gold palette and its deep vignetting. The contours and bright white lines do most of the work in portraying the figure, with the shadows against the gray background emphasizing his form after that skeleton is understood. Please enjoy!

A Construction Made Unhappy

Dashing Swordsman

Encroach Into New Territory

Protective Fondle

Scolding an Eldritch Creature

Slowly Clawing an Evacuation

Unseen Contour, In Repose

Wave Research Gone Awry