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MAAE5 - Modern Art Animal Edition 5

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Like the previous four collections in its series, this collection focuses on portraying animals, specifically. Starting off, Fat Bug uses several different colors in its composition but is at its core a simple work of negative space. The fat bug, along with its current activity, is clearly defined and its design fits well with the aesthetic of the rest of the work. Really Fat Bug goes even further with the idea - is a very blunt work, presenting its subject on a flat white background with no further information. Which orientation the bug is in depends on your interpretation of the work, but it is recognizable as one from any angle - the work is an excellent example of the interprativeness of the images presented on this website. Bird with Severed Head has more going on, but is also a very straightforward work, the subject outlined in the very middle of the work and made distinct from the background by its contours. Don't take the severed head too harshly - it's more an aesthetic choice then not, and is probably not seriously debilitating. Diving Bird is largely monochrome, the form of negative space being outlined all the better for the horizontal and vertical lines that halt abruptly when they encounter it. This work's image is clear, and the texture and composition of the background and foreground give a sense of motion. The different orientation of the vertical lines used by the background and foreground help to emphasize that movement and direction, and the violet highlights on the diving bird's limbs/wings/feathers is similarly evocative. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week, and the most colorful, is Haughty Crab. While the creature's form is perhaps marginally less defined, the crab's pose and the sense of motion that the coloration, background texture, and image contours give all combine to make a memorable image, worth looking at for a while. This is the type of work that becomes deeper the more you examine it. Please enjoy!

Agitated Goose

Bird with Severed Head

Diving Bird

Fat Bug

Haughty Crab

Mishmash of Weapons

Octopus's Storage Cavern

Really Fat Bug

Requisitioned for Grunt Work