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MAAE3 - Modern Art Animal Edition 3

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Another themed collection, MAAE3 once again attempts to portray, in its own abstract way, animals and animal-related phenomena. First off is Hanging Egg Pod, a work emphasizing a yellow-black contrast but not going for a bee theme; the work's texture is distinctive and works well with its color, making this a very compositionally unique work. Next of note, Emerging Bat Shape emphasizes a much smoother texture, and predominantly displays a shade of yellow-green that's extremely rare within this gallery as a whole. The work's area of negative space is also well-defined, and the divisions between it and its static surroundings are sharp and well-executed. Overburdened Snail focuses more on design than on color, but is very interpretive; the size of this snail's shell is bigger than it ought to be able to lift, and yet it still tries its best. Admirable. Shadow Octopus and Darkgators are my two favorite works this week, and both share the same compositional style, while bearing wildly contrasting usages of color, texture, and contrast. Both also focus on using negative space to create clear, effective images, and both succeed admirably in this regard. Please enjoy!

Crab Infiltrator


Emerging Bat Shape

Hanging Egg Pod

Multi-Arm Crab

Overburdened Snail

Shadow Octopus

The Last Bat