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MARB - Modern Art Recipe Book

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Indeed, this collection focuses on food-related works; not so overtly, as none of these works are concrete enough for that, but the collection still aims to present a light-hearted experience. This collection does have several works that do an excellent job mixing unconventional colors and distinct textures - for example, Bridge Over Fruit Juice has a rough texture, but one that perfectly allows the soft peach and yellow hues of the work to meld with each other. The work's horizontal lines help to make clear its intention. Honey Cultivating uses a similar palette, but separates the yellow from the peach, and emphasizing an interesting contour through use of negative space and gently curved boundaries, rather than focusing too much on its straight lines. Bake Badly takes both colors to their logical conclusion, boasting fully saturated magenta and yellow with red accents and a contour that emphasizes the work's title. Wondrous Stir takes the idea even further, boasting a more intense spread of the same colors that, after intense stirring, ends up mostly orange; the work's style of shading is also fairly unique, and difficult to describe. This collection also contains some subtler works, like Air of Spice, which focuses on just one color - a cold pink - and a simple layout, and Clipfoil, which is focused on a metallic blue that fades through a few other colors into black towards the right side. Boulderbun takes that idea further, contrasting just such a shading style against a warm violet, separating the two with a tarnished gray intermediary. All in all, please enjoy!

Air of Spice

Bake Badly


Bridge Over Fruit Juice


Fat Sucker

Honey Cultivating

Leeching the Dry Fruit

Wondrous Stir