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PMAS - Peaceful Modern Art Settings

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This work serves as a conclusion to the trilogy begin by the past two weeks, MMAS2 and TMAS, as a third collection focusing on settings, but this time on peaceful and relaxing ones. Many of these works are simple in design, and focus only on a couple of colors; they are not meant to push boundaries, but to provide comfort and peace. Shoal Crawl is a nice example; a slow, steady exploration. Though the image does contain darkness, that darkness is ridged in light, and layered so as to provide a sense of depth; the work stays within its comfort zone, and has more of an air of satisfaction with what exists to be explored. Memory Hill is more overtly positive, mainly through its choice of palette. And yet, it remains somber, as the negative space in the foreground seems to gaze into the distance. This is one of my favorite works in this gallery. Drifters on the Wind is again more active, but in a lighthearted and friendly way. The image uses its horizontal lines wonderfully as a motif, and exploits their contrast with vertical lines, as well as the contrast between the light soft green and thick black lines, to define a clear contour. A Comforting Taste juxtaposes straight, abrupt vertical lines against smooth curves, all with a pleasantly warm undertone, to give a unique experience of its own. But my true favorite work this week is Shielded Seaview, a work so elegant in its simplicity yet so well accomplishing what it means to do, all with a unique and soothing violet color scheme, that it bears profound respect. This collection is, overall, excellent - please enjoy!

A Comforting Taste

Drifters on the Wind

Frosty Forecast

Memory Hill

Museum Sans Foundation

Shelter From Compassion

Shielded Seaview

Shoal Crawl