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MMAS2 - Magnificent Modern Art Settings

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This collection, like several before it, is focused not on specific subjects within its images, but rather on the entire images. Each picture here is an expanse of its own, depicting a unique setting. Foundation Upon a Nebula is a very warmly-colored work using contours in an interesting way, both to emphasize its scale and to assist its colors in fading into their surroundings. By contrast, Seeing Structure is very sparse, but extremely colorful where it has color at all. The foundations of this structure have a strong sense of energy flowing through them, emphasizing the construction almost as a living being - as is, indeed, the point. Clustrian Foundation contrasts horizontal lines with vertical lines as a means to convey both contour and depth, and along with its color these features make it seem almost like a feverish dreamscape. Bright green, magenta and blue harmonize with each other to make an unbelievable, fantastic setting all their own. Next, Dust of Legend is at once one of the more figurative and more concrete works of this collection; a solid area of yellow at the center of the image, grounding it, and on either side a plume of effervescent dust; the dune seems to act as a barrier between the two types of dust. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Deposits of Sapphire, a more subdued work that focuses on a soft yet full blue-teal color, with sharp yet rounded contours and an almost oil painting-like texture. Please enjoy!

Clustrian Foundation

Deposits of Sapphire

Dust of Legend

Foundation Upon a Nebula

Mountain of Wallow

Multiverse Slicing

Nestled Capital

Seeing Structure