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TMAS - Tense Modern Art Settings

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As a contrast of sorts to last week's collection, TMAS portrays the same sort of settings, but in different, grimmer contexts. For example, with another color scheme, Festering Atmosphere might have a much more positive name, but its unique sickly green fading into an unhealthy orange-red, and the dull magenta paving the surface of the image's fixture, imply a much less comfortable setting. In contrast to that, Foundations Overloaded boasts an explosive expression of color, but almost in too great a supply; the mix of vertical and horizontal lines that hold the image together are underscored by a rough, unstable texture; the whole thing could collapse at any moment. Disorderly Break mixes the coloring styles of the former two works, with a much more subdued and constrained palette but a similar distribution of color. While it may be a little bit more structured, though, the work's contours are as its name would imply; not well-ordered, and the areas of color that emphasize them, the uncanny mismatch between the textures of different sections, leave this work true to its spirit. Complete Frame Tear is much more well-ordered, as a complete contrast; the tenseness here comes from how a defined, organized fixture is broken apart. The work's color choice emphasizes its mood well. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week, Careful Maneuvering, is somewhat abstract but very overt with the impressions it wishes to make. Its colors, while grim, are full, and its texture is fairly unique, vague while yet almost bordering on pastel gradient - almost paintlike, even. Please enjoy!

Careful Maneuvering

Chasmic Observation

Complete Frame Tear

Disorderly Break

Festering Atmosphere

Foundations Overloaded

Mountain of Indulgences

Prospective Fruitless Journey