Welcome to Monitors of Modern Art!

We of MOMA are pleased to welcome you to this gallery of colorful and inventive modern art. MOMA stands for equality among art – we believe that all types of art are important and unique, and nothing should be denied the privilege of being called "art" just because it happens to be too "unique" or "different" from what traditionally makes up the medium. At MOMA, we present our own art, created in a unique style and attempting to dutifully represent the variety of the medium in a perhaps unconventional way, and we hope you will enjoy browsing our collection.

We do our best to update our collection at least once every week, usually on Monday, with a new piece of Modern Art.

How our art is made

We at MOMA appreciate having fun with acronyms and the title of our gallery is the foremost example. Indeed, the art displayed here is made from cracked monitor screens, hooked up to a testing program which displays a flat primary-color image. Photographs are taken and carefully edited to produce an artistic image that we and our viewers will enjoy looking at, and perhaps with complexities yet to be discovered and contemplated.

On collection titles

Our various collections are also given acronym titles, such as "OMA", "MAAT", "ROMA", and more. Some of these are meant to satire other significant titles with the same initials, but others are simply abbreviations. All are abbreviations for some title, and most of the time we attempt to make these titles representative of the contents of their collections. If you'd like to submit any suggestions, feel free to contact us!

Special Thanks

In particular, we would like to extend thanks to the Kramden Institute, without which this project would not exist.

About The Curator

I (the curator) am currently a computer science student at university. If you're trying to find any of the miscellaneous personal projects I've hosted on this website, click here.