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WEMA - Warring Entities Modern Art

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As implied by the usage of the term 'entities', this collection's works are quite abstract, all around. The term 'warring' is also taken more figuratively than usual, referring more to motion and violence, acts of great power and weight, than to outright fighting - it is focused on the aspects of war besides the fighting. Remnants of a Bloody Tide is a fairly direct depiction of the aftermath of war; besides the natural contours of the image, the moire helps to give the work's landscape a twisted, irregular feel, as though its essence has been mangled by the very fighting that drew the blood that now pools upon it. To War for Creative Freedom is a more concrete yet more figurative example; the work mixes an emphasis on negative space for design with a very bright color palette, living up to its title. A Silhouette With Guardians maintains a combative feel, the 'silhouette' seeming aggressive with its stance and yet remaining protected against harm by the shadowy agents behind it, who impede the otherwise luminescent glow on the horizon. Alien Beings of Mastery is war at the highest level, perhaps; a civilization far beyond our comprehension, taking control of those below them and waging them against each other for some incomprehensible reason. My personal favorite work this week is Mid-Implosion, which, while perhaps the least directly related to this collection's theme, is also one of the most overtly colorful works, with a crisply clear composition. Please enjoy!

A Silhouette With Guardians

Abomination Out For Blood

Against the All-Consuming

Alien Beings of Mastery

Frantic Ballroom

Front Claw of a Mover


Remnants of a Bloody Tide

To War For Creative Freedom