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This collection is less focused than those of some past weeks; the designs of the works to be found here are somewhat abstract and unfocused, yet interesting and cohesive in a slightly insane way. Dance on a Hammer is a work that melds several shades of green with a deep blue background, all of it to emphasize a figure drawn in negative space. The title of the work states what it is meant to represent, but the image is very abstract and, like many other works from this website, might work well as a Rorschach test. Condensing Essences is a marginally less abstract work, though the concept of an 'essence' is fundamentally abstract, that uses interesting shading and dithering techniques where its areas of intense color fade into negative space. Another slightly less abstract work is Precarious Ropes, a design-focused work that makes heavy use of vertical and horizontal lines as a motif, using them and the contrasts in their spacing between different regions of the work to portray a sense of depth and perspective. Next, Rook Creates a Palette is fiercely colorful and utilizes a consistent yet finely rough texture. This usage of texture blends into the work's color usage, which gives it a profoundly interesting and unique feeling. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Needles of Seeping. This work's main color is a rich wheat, uncommon among works in this gallery, and it juxtaposes this dark yellow against soft, pastel lavender and pink. Please enjoy!

Better Version Hiding

Blissful Slider

Cold Diving

Condensing Essences

Dance on a Hammer

Errant Etch

Needles of Seeping

Precarious Ropes

Rook Creates a Palette