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FCMA - Frantic Control Modern Art

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This collection is intense in both color and design, and focuses on the efforts of keeping control over dangerous things, as well as the anxieties of being kept control of. Uniquely, most works in this collection utilize both interesting colors and negative space to shape design. One such example is Creating Purgatory, which uses an eclectic mix of complimentary colors coupled with a definite gesture, emphasized by a bright red border around an area of negative space, to portray the creation of perhaps the most tragic prison of all. Draconic Middle Management is simpler, focusing only on the contrast between red and blue, but emphasized by a clear depiction of the work's subject and abrupt, shaky areas of light pink amidst the work's deep red background. Fascination Within Captivity is one of the more abstract works in this collection; the negative space distinctly bounds an area of color and life, but it is also interrupted by wiry figures in blue, examining what lies within. Confined Space of Control, another abstract work, explores the anxiety of losing control; the negative space in the image, as well as the contours of the center area, depict a figure struggling to maintain control of his surroundings as they close in yet flow away from him - a futile, tragic struggle. My personal favorite work this week, however, is A Desperate Holding Attempt, a work that is simultaneously distinct, somewhat abstract, and intensely emotional. Please enjoy!

A Desperate Holding Attempt

Confined Space of Control

Creating Purgatory

Draconic Middle Management

Fascination With Captivity

Flamboyant Director

Lesser Encompass

Pointed Control

Scratching in Desperaion