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MAD2 - Modern Art Divinity 2

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Like the original MAD, this collection aims to portray powers that are simply above our primitive human powers and understanding. In some cases, such as Statue of the Savior, works portray depictions of divinity; in this particular work, the allusion is especially clear by this gallery's standards. A statue upon a hill, framed by a deep blue sky in the background and a bright sun directly behind the statue; even though the work's color usage is fairly unimpressive, its composition is solid. On the other hand, Trying to Bargain with Chaos is much more abstract, focusing on portraying the nebulous entity of chaos in negative space while emphasizing it with usage of color and line motifs. The work comes on strong, but that arguably helps it succeed at what it's attempting to do. Swan As Deity is a pretty concrete work with interesting color usage; in particular, the contrast in color between what is within the Swan Deity's presence, what is outside of it, and what is in the background makes the work much more interesting. And, paying tribute to this work is Goose Penance, demonstrating the apparent religious hierarchy of waterfowl. Again, this work uses negative space and aims to be fairly concrete, but it isn't quite as successful or adventurous with its color usage. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Prayer and Response, a very abstract work with nevertheless very cohesive composition, which uses colorful vertical lines and the contours between positive and negative space to get a message across despite not really defining its subjects. Please enjoy!

Goose Penance

Morning for an Acolyte

Prayer and Response

Scooping Primordial

Staking Out the Rapture

Statue of the Savior

Swan As Deity

The Lord Allows It

Trying to Bargain With Chaos