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DNMA - Difficult Navigation Modern Art

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This week's primary theme is on design: in particular, location, and navigation from one point to another. You can't see where you're going when confronted by Miasmic Fog, for example - this work uses an interesting set of desaturated hues to evoke the image of fog, while also using better-defined areas of brighter colors to make a meaningful contrast and show the scale of the image. Maze Room portrays an area that would be quite difficult to navigate through, while also taking thematic and artistic cues from other "room" works like Mystery Room and Vertical Room. This work is a bit paler than those; much less saturated, and more open in many ways, as befits its theme. Next, Infiltrator Network is a very dark but defined work that aims to show the background of the navigation process, in the types of situations that most embody it. Lost Way of Undoing is lighter, but more hopeless in feel; this is probably the most abstract work in this collection, with the negative space and the delicate contrast of color usage helping to make it unique and meaningful. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week, Path to the Rainforest, takes a somewhat more hopeful idea, promoting a greater ease of navigation in a well-defined work that uses luminescent shades of green, with some contrasting pink highlights to present an image quite unique in mood. Please enjoy!

Infiltrator Network

Lost Way of Undoing

Maze Room

Miasmic Fog

Path to the Rainforest

Peaceful Warp Zone Entrance

Pinpointing Definitively

Struggling Stuttering Amidst

Windy Hidden Path