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MACE - Modern Art Contemplative Environments

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This week returns to an emphasis on the color and overall feeling of each work, presenting entire environments, as represented by modern art. First of note is Worldly Canyon, a work that uses more saturated shades of pastel pink and orange to emphasize a fundamentally unique interpretation. The warm, welcoming colors make the canyon friendly, gentle, and much more approachable than most of this gallery's interpretations of canyons. Next, Forest of Modernity is much different in tone, being much cooler and more active. The work seems almost anxious, a metaphor for the transitions and effort of modern life as compared to old, simple nature. Weathered Aurora is perhaps less figurative, but the aurora it portrays is a fundamentally different one than that of which we tend to think. The deeper, more serious reds and violets of this image help to emphasize the mystery and wonder of the phenomenon. Dying Peak is, by contrast, a fiery work displaying a lot of energy; the impression given here is similar to that of a dying star, releasing the last of its energy all at once, yet behind that display, rotting and withering away. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Billboard in the Future, a sharp work that emphasizes color contrast and treads a middle ground between concreteness and abstractness. Please enjoy!

Billboard in the Future

Comsplendence Wayplace

Dying Peak

Forest of Modernity

Place of Our Hope


Weathered Aurora

Worldly Canyon