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MAAE2 - Modern Art Animal Edition 2

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Like MAAE, this collection mainly depicts, in the typical fashion, animals. This is more of a standard collection, not quite as abstract or interpretive, or even vibrant, as some of our other recent collections, but it definitely still has some interesting ideas to offer. First of note is Parasite Incubating, which uses intensity of color and a fade out to black to really give the impression it's aiming for. The negative space in the bottom-right of the image that makes up its subject is secondary, in this respect. Acceptable for Mosquitos is another colorful work, again using its different areas of color to highlight its subject. This time, the contrast between a pale green and a vivid pink emphasizes the goals of the depicted mosquito - to feed itself. Shark Submarine is a wonderfully weird work, a wild spatter of pink and blue around an area of negative space that calls to mind both a sea creature and a submarine. The work is highly frenetic, yet somehow cohesive, in a way that almost makes sense. And finally of note is Dragonfly Delusions, an interesting work that, somewhat unusually, uses pulses as a pivotal design element. Each side of the image, outlining and contrasting a void of negative space, is a highly saturated wash of rainbow, all culminating in one organism in the middle deciding how to proceed. Please enjoy!

Acceptable for Mosquitos

Crab on the Ceiling

Dragonfly Delusions

Foraging Ant

Horned Flounder

Omnipotent Rhinoceros

Parasite Incubating

Shark Submarine

Weird Lunkfish Down Deep