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IIMA - Interesting Individuals Modern Art

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The primary theme of this week's collection is to provide portraits, of a sort; hypothetical representations of some individuals who occupy the world, striving to define who they are. These works are also some of the more creative in terms of color usage and shading. Reclining Businessman leans towards the former, depicting the most recognizable part of the archetypical businessman: his suit. This is not the first occurrence of this motif, but as they go it's one of my personal favorite motifs. Next of note, Juan the Tinker is a work of pixel art with a very strong red hue to contrast with the subject of the work. Again, this is one of the more concrete works this semester. Clear on the other end of the spectrum is Traveler on the Ether, probably the most abstract work in this collection but also boasting one of the most intriguing uses of color, especially in its variance. Three main shades of cyan contrast with a soft, dull red and a deep blue, with a fascinating texture to back up the work. Two other abstract works this week, Sticky-Fingered Puppetmaster and Dapper Dick, are also worthy of note for their combinations of color and texture, though both are also fairly abstract. And finally of note, Bored Mister Hat is encompasses both concreteness and interesting usage of color: the man himself is depicted in the image's negative space, and the remainder of the picture is covered in gentle, washed-out shades of blue, violet, and gray. This work's compositional value, and its balance of design to color, makes it one of my more favorite works in this gallery as a whole. Please enjoy!

Bored Mister Hat

Contentedly Gluttonous Krok

Dapper Dick

Juan the Tinker

Reclining Businessman

Sticky-Fingered Puppetmaster

Traveler on the Ether

Uninformed Princess