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MAS - Modern Art Specters

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Another interesting collection, SMA falls in an interesting spot between the concrete and abstract. We can reason that this collection focuses on very concrete depictions of very abstract beings - though, of course, there is some variance. Shadow Beings' Embrace is an example, and like many of the works in this collection, it uses negative space to define the shadow beings it depicts. Though, this is not to say that the foreground is useless to the picture; it provides an interesting context and lens as to the circumstances of this embrace. Ghoul Knits is another work in this vein, with a more homogenous color scheme and gradient in the foreground; the texture of the foreground is also important, as it bears some resemblance to the fabric the alleged ghoul might be knitting.... Next, Observers Keeping Watch is a much more abstract, and more serene and contemplative, work with an interesting yet surprisingly harmonious contrast between a deep red and an equally deep green. The difference in texture between the two parts of the image is also interesting. Equine Spectre is much more chaotic, and not much better in terms of its abstraction, but is sharp, colorful, and thoroughly interesting to look at. But my personal favorite work this week is Wounded Being of Geometry, a very interesting work because of its sharpness, strength of color, and abstract yet surprisingly clear focus. Overall, this collection has many very good works, so I encourage you to view each of them. Please enjoy!

Equine Spectre

Fattened Shadow Arteries

Ghoul Knits

Lonely Geist

Observers Keeping Watch

Shadow Beings' Embrace

Shadow Surveyor

Wounded Being of Geometry