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SMMA - Sorcerous Magic Modern Art

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This collection aims to use a more shaky atmosphere in most of its works, and embraces abstraction in order to give a mystical impression, when focusing on the magic itself, while leaning into more concrete grounds when focusing on the spellcasters. Jumping right in, A Soulsign is a perfect example. The work's color is predominantly a dull gray, with light almost ectoplasmic green accenting one side of the work and a putrid yellow-green on the other. The work is abstract enough, but the shape of the area of lightness towards the left-center of the work gives a clear impression as to the point of this picture. Loss of Spirit displays a similar style. Guarding a Conspicuous Secret as well, though this work is significantly more saturated, giving a very relaxed impression with its shades of deep blue. Less abstract works this week include Molding Witch Hands and Witch's Casted Vortex, two works that use the same "witch's hand" motif that's been seen before - both happen to display a more of a red color scheme, but the hand motif provides them an unusual sense of motion that makes the works unique. My personal favorite work this week, though, is Soulsquare, a fine-grained work with brilliant color usage and a generally soft, welcoming, and mystical feel. All in all, this is one of the best collections of late, so please enjoy!

A Soulsign

Enchanting an Area

Guarding a Conspicuous Secret

Loss of Spirit

Molding Witch Hands

Sorceror of Landscapes


Witch's Casted Vortex