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VFMA - Valiant Fighters Modern Art

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Returning to our regularly scheduled programming, this week's theme is the depiction of individuals and scenes that have a combative nature. Many of these works, as usual, are rather abstract in their depictions; this does not detract from their value. One of the less abstract works is Armada Afore a Star, a radiant, very warm work that seems to take notes from previous collections like MAPA and MAPA2. The color gradient of the background, leaving the foreground as almost entirely silhouette, is what really characterizes this picture. Next of note, Guardian of the Misty Village is a much looser work, its atmosphere clearer than its alleged subject. The whole picture is very dimly lit, the guardian itself not well-defined; then again, perhaps that gives it more weight, metaphorically speaking. Assault on the Matrix is a more concrete work, but equally ill-defined. Two entities clearly fight, there's a sense of depth to the combat, and there's a lot of motion and detail within the picture; but what the conflict is about, or who is who, is perhaps a mystery. Strong with Strength is, I think, the most well-constructed work in this collection, with very clear design and a focus that is easily seen yet difficult to really characterize. As the vagueness of the picture's title implies, this work lends itself to many different interpretations; the particular usage of color, and how each area of the work is shaded, helps this. However, this is not my favorite work this week; that honor goes to Ambitious White-Hood, one of the most concrete works in this collection and a work that, despite its somewhat sloppy composition, has some good measure of charm. Please enjoy!

Ambitious White-Hood

Armada Afore a Star

Assault on the Matrix

Greedy Colonel

Guardian of the Misty Village

Resolution of a Fierce Battle

Strong With Strength

The Stubbornly Stalwart

Warrior Princess's Throne