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MAPA - Modern Art Pixel Armada

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This collection is unique among former pixel art collections in that it has a distinct theme. Portrayed here is a space armada, each part of it represented in just a few pixels. One of the highlights is Configurable Battleship, a depiction of a tough and reliable starship, with enough malleability in its design to be transformed to fit any need. Others include Offensive Array Core and Defensive Array Core, the front and back lines of the armada in battle, respectively. Viewed at the correct angle, these works have somewhat of a depth to them, despite their garish neon-against-black composition, that helps in visualizing them in the space of an actual battle. Space Artillery depicts a massive artillery weapon and its surrounding support squadron, coming with a similar sense of depth due to its composition and coloration alone. Stealthy Flarrier depicts an infiltration ship, the picture emphasizing its stealth by using to an infared-like aura around the main design, and, unlike the rest of the collection, emphasizing the background of the work, to decrease how much the subject stands out. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is a simple weapon: Laster Rifle. Is it a large ship in the shape of a gun, or is it a collection of small ships arrayed in that shape, or is it simply a depiction of a hand weapon? You decide! Please enjoy!

Blinding Seeker

Configurable Battleship

Defensive Array Core

Defensive Shadowers

Heat Map Around a Flare

Laser Rifle

Neon Artillery

Offensive Array Core

Seaborne Ballista

Sniper Ships

Space Artillery

Stealthy Flarrier