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CMMA - Calm Measured Modern Art

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There is fairly little activity in this collection; it is largely contemplative and thoughtful. Daytime Sky is a prime example, a very straightforward work with an impeccably smooth gradient from white to a deep blue. Grounds of Passionate Thought is a little bit warmer, and marginally more active, and takes a reverse color scheme: red to black, this time the gradient more pronounced, with hints of a pastel style. Dip in the Collective Unconscious and Relaxing, Somehow showcase unique soft color schemes -- a gentle lavender-white in the former's case, and a vibrant peachy orange in the latter. My personal favorite work this week is Confection of Life, a deeply metaphorical work with a distinctive red-blue contrast and a grainy, sugary white to tie everything together. Please enjoy!

Confection of Life

Daytime Sky

Dip in the Collective Unconscious

Grounds of Passionate Thought

Hang Cool


Relaxing, Somehow

Snorlaxes Sleep

To Choose Quiet Solace