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MAPA2 - Modern Art Pixel Armada 2

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Following on the theme of last week's collection, this collection displays the different parts of a space armada. The crucial difference between last week and this week is that these works are in a much more distinct style, quite separate from the too-bright neon of MAPA, and more akin to past works of modern pixel art. Sapper Ships is one notable work this week, for being like last week's style but in reverse. Here, the subject of the work is the negative space, cloaking devices gone wrong amongst the infrared spectrum. Recon Ships displays another set of ships in the armada, again similar to last week's style but different in the lack of individuality, and its normalcy, so to speak. In similar styles, Supporting Array, Array Guns, and Control Tower Ships display more parts of the armada – The former is an auxiliary array of ships to supplement the main offensive and defensive arrays shown last week, followed a selection of the weapons they use. In the latter work, the gradient of the background says much as to the location of these ships; close to the home star, under its protection. Finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Craft Carrier, for its varied and vibrant coloration and contour, even as the design of the ship itself is fairly generic, as suits its purpose. The gradient of the background helps to emphasize the sheer size of the craft, and how far through space it reaches to hold all that it does. Please enjoy!

Array Guns

Control Tower Ships

Craft Carrier

Destroyer Gunship

Recon Units

Sapper Ships

Supporting Array