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MAA2 - Modern Art Anxiety 2

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This collection is a return to more traditional modern art, this time emphasizing anxiety - more in an existential way, portraying situations that evoke anxiety. Broken Strength Façade is an example, portraying the situation when one discovers that one is powerless in the face of their fate, that their strength means nothing to the world. Anticipating Seaview is a grainy approach, that looks off the docks to a deep red sea - the color plays into the imagery. What is being anticipated, here? Losing Hold of Ideas is very abstract, and quite close to monochrome. What color it does still have seems to be pulled away, the fixture losing hold of it, losing its essence. An even more abstract work can be found in Imbalance-Rooted Tempest, a frenetic and very colorful work that embraces chaos to the point of incomprehensibility; imbalance and lack of knowledge, lack of order, a lack of control, are what evoke the anxiety here. Finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is A Bloodstained Sky, a refreshingly literal but very foreboding image with smooth and defined composition and rich coloration. Please enjoy!

A Bloodstained Sky

Anticipating Seaview

Blinded Offense

Broken Strength Façade

Empty Gatherer

Imbalance-Rooted Tempest

Losing Hold of Ideas

Planting Dubiousity