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MACS - Modern Art Color Study

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This is, officially, the 150th collection uploaded to this website; and, like the 100th collection RWMA was, this collection is unique and special. For, similarly to FDMA, FDMA2, and FDMA3, this collection consists of only one source. The difference between this collection and those, is that those works were created from a glitchy, constantly changing source. This collection is consistent, and varies based on only one criterion: color. Each of the fourteen works in this collection was carefully constructed, color properties modified by hand, to create the desired effect. These works are perhaps some of the most genuine art in the entire gallery, in that they are more "created" than any others. I won't be describing each work individually; there isn't enough thematic variance for that to be useful. However, each work is titled with the color it is meant to represent: "Study in color". As the titles of each work say, this collection is, above all else, an experiment in the agency and creativity I can access in the creation of Modern Art: a color study. Please enjoy!

Study In Magenta

Study in Aqua

Study in Aureolin

Study in Blue

Study in Chartreuse

Study in Cyan

Study in Lavender

Study in Orange

Study in Peach

Study in Red

Study in Sandstone

Study in Sepia

Study in Thistle

Study in Violet