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FDMA2 - Full Digital Modern Art 2

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This collection is a spiritual successor to the original FDMA. The style it takes, of the same glitchy, digital motifs redone in different colors and configurations, is much the same, though the particular designs it has chosen are different, and more inherently simple. So too are these works abstract, the chosen title being only a single interpretation of their true meanings. For some specific work recommendations: Furnace Giving Strength and Binding Mystic are the most colorful works in this collection. The former is warm, yellow and red, while the latter boasts a nice gradient from a bluish magenta to deep violet. If you're looking for more symbolic and thoughtful works, you may instead prefer Blissful Ignorance, a light but abstract work without many of the sudden interruptions the rest of the collection's works tend to experience, or Impression Frames, perhaps the work that most differentiates itself from the rest of this collection by presenting a novel type of picture almost never seen in this gallery. Finally of note, my favorite works from this collection include Backside for its philosophical implications, and Sociologic Record, a multicolored work in vertical bands, with impeccable gradient and a fascinating texture. Please enjoy!


Binding Mystic

Blissful Ignorance

Building in Layers


Ending Up Off-Kilter

Furnace Giving Strength

Gold Operation

Impression Frames

Left Bad Marks

Needle Climbing

Sociologic Record

The Figurative Climb

Unacting Dusk