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MASS - Modern Art Seeming Somber

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Much like MADS from two weeks ago, this collection is fairly dark in tone and in hue. There are some interestingly textured works to be found here, such as Before Forests, which is grainy to complement its two-tone coloration. The very rough texture here helps to emphasize the green backdrop as a forest, or some other type of wooded area. Peaceful Finale also displays this texture, though it's somewhat finer, and its color scheme could scarcely be more different. While this work does seem as though everything is coming apart, it also seems measured and balanced, as though prepared for its fate. Bilateral Adjustment is different; much smoother, though less fine, and displaying an interesting selection of colors, all almost too light to make much contrast with each other. Another interesting work is Unholy Aurora, which makes interesting use of moire and various kinds of texture to make each part of itself look different and unique, coming together to compose a striking picture. And finally of note, my personal favorite work from this week is Reaching Through God, a symbolic and metaphorical work with a fascinatingly standard color scheme and texture applied in a novel way to make a truly thought-provoking picture. Please enjoy!

Before Forests

Bilateral Adjustment

Bleak Predawn

Drooping Out

Peaceful Finale

Reaching through God

Take Pause Before the Leap

Unholy Aurora