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FTMA - Fairly Tacit Modern Art

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Following from last week, this collection of modern art is among the last of those created in its era (as will become evident in a few weeks). While not somber like last week's MASS, this collection is restful and generally low in activity. Dissolving Landscape is reminiscent of last week, with its rough texture, darker color scheme, and general somber feel. Leave it Behind is similar in its theme, but its coloration is a fair bit brighter than most of last week's works, and it displays an interesting divide between a rough-textured wave-influenced background and a bright, high-contrast vertical lines foreground. One Wing Shadowed is a very light work with a thoughtful, perhaps melancholic feel; an interesting contrast. It, too, uses a vertical lines archetype, mainly to provide contrast between its light and dark wings. And finally of note is Startled Monstress, a highly interpretive work that combines a fascinatingly soft color scheme with a design that is arguably more active than most of the rest of this collection. Please enjoy!

Controller Driven Away

Dissolving landscape

Divison Reversal

Leave it Behind


One Wing Shadowed

Startled Monstress

Subtlety in Management