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MAPC - Modern Art Pixel Creation

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This is a collection focused wholly on pixel art. Part of what differentiates this collection from others before it, however, is the unique and consistent texture of many of its works; a "liquid pixel" type of art. The work Liquid Pixel is, of course, a prime example. The image is ordered, but like a gel, it does not entirely conform to the order given to it, rather acting like a fluid in its composition. The work has a distinct sense of topography. Another work, Struggle Against Assimilation, uses the same compositional style to tell a different story. Even more ordered than Liquid Pixel, it uses the watery and loose design bound to that order, to meaningfully rebel against it. This liquidy composition style is also what enables Ethereal Friends to be as abstract as it is, yet still decipherable so that it is not entirely abstract. Dispensing somewhat with the water style – not eschewing it, but using a color scheme that makes it stand out less – is Footprint in Reality, a fascinating work that uses negative space against a very unique dark velvet color to present a surprisingly cohesive and recognizable image. My personal favorite work this week, however, is Cloaked Against the Night Sky, an abstract work that does not take advantage of the liquid pixel style but which instead uses very subtle color variations to be one of the more unique works in this gallery. Please enjoy!

AI Eyes

Cloaked Against the Night Sky

Ethereal Friends

Footprint in Reality


Liquid Pixel

Private Alien Conversation


Rune on a Wall 2

Rune on a Wall 3

Rune on a Wall

Struggle Against Assimilation

The Odder Bits