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The title of this week's collection has little to do with its content. So too does the content have no defining, continuous theme. Rather, these works are miscellaneous in nature, the last of their production run, so to speak. These are the last works to be produced using their set of tools. Owing to this miscellany, this collection is quite varied in style. Minicrawler is a coarse, simple work, the likes of which have been seen before; but it is precise and its color scheme sensible and not overbearing, making it one of the best works of the archetype. Shield of a Garden is colorful, though subtle for what of it that is not yellow or green. A moderately abstract work, the shield is somewhat difficult to define explicitly, while the garden is visible in the background of the work; but the foreground is definitely hiding something. Breaking Appearance is frenetic and almost too colorful, more fully abstract. A somehow cooler-than-expected work given its color scheme of red, yellow, and magenta, it has a sense of depth that, given its composition, doesn't really make sense and is pretty interesting. Sirrup is similarly colorful, but is covered more in white and black, its colors sticking out almost as ink, but arranging themselves in anything but. My personal favorite work this week displays another of our archetypes: Radiant Spiders. This work features some of the most colorful and chromatically balanced waves in this entire gallery, using negative space to create a recognizable, if abstract and more archetypical than typical, image. Please enjoy!

Breaking Appearance

Grasp at Empty Water


Needle Builds

Radiant Spiders

Really Smooth Fabric

Shield of a Garden