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NWMA - New Way Modern Art

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In the same vein as last week's OWMA, this collection defines a new 'era' in Modern Art, constructed using a slightly different set of tools. Just as miscellaneous a collections as last time, these works will provide a taste of what is to come in the following weeks and months. Loud and unusual yet not entirely distasteful color schemes return, as in When You Fill In A Shadow, a work focusing on two individually uncommon colors – a rosy deep crimson and a bright radioactive green – mixed together with gradual depth. Pixel art, too, returns in Dangerous Bacterium, a work that contrasts purple and yellow with each other while being drawn in a liquid pixel style that will not be nearly as prevalent in the coming weeks. Provocative, abstract, line-focused designs such as Welcome the Digital Haze will also be featured as much as before, but their composition will be different in color emphasis from before. This work in particular is at once more coarse and more smooth than its predecessors, which helps it emphasize an interesting duality. This coarseness will also make returns in more digital-focused styles, such as in The Two Sides of a Slope, an orange and dark teal work that contrasts a rough texture against a smooth design in addition to its color scheme's inherent contrast, and Where Digital Meets Analog, another work of duality between styles, this time more consistent and more explicit on where the division lies. Finally of note is Where Dreams Come From, an abstract and almost muted work, despite its variation in color, with interesting symbolic meaning. Please enjoy, and look forward to the coming collections!

Clear Ellipsical

Dangerous Bacterium

Misintentioned Aqlub

Non-Oblique Study

The Two Sides of a Slope

Welcome the Digital Haze

When You Fill In A Shadow

Where Digital Meets Analog

Where Dreams Come From