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AOMA - Activity-Oriented Modern Art

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This collection, while not the most concrete of ideas, still focuses on a central theme - things that are being done, or things that can be done. The more straightforward works here are those like Bugs Pass Each Other, An Effort to Take Flight, and Turtle Swims Deeper, which are more straightforward depictions. All involve animals, and Turtle Swims Deeper is especially distinctive in its multicolored color scheme, and distinct area of abstraction where "swimming deeper" is a little bit undefined. Big Dog and Owner is not as distinct in its image, focusing more on negative space that might seem to have simply sprung up and eaten the foreground, but remains interesting due to its small pocket of color being a vibrant, multicolored pastel-gradient. Bags of Fun and Roller Coaster Carriage are a bit more distinct, but refer more to object that incentivize activity, rather than activity itself. Both use a purple-focused color scheme, but the former incorporates more white and uses a fine, grainy texture, while the latter prefers a deep red and purple accompanied by a less rough, digital-esque texture instead. Finally, my personal favorite work this week is A Universe to Explore – a wild, colorful, and symbolic work that speaks to the innate human nature. Please enjoy!

A Universe To Explore

An Effort to Take Flight

Bags of Fun

Big Dog and Owner

Bugs Pass Each Other

Explorers Touching Base

Roller Coaster Carriage

Turtle Swims Deeper