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FDMA3 - Full Digital Modern Art 3

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Like its predecessors FDMA and FDMA2, this collection was created entirely from one extremely glitchy source, rather than the usual of eight to nine different sources. There are a multitude of interesting colors, styles, and textures on display here, yet all bound together by a fundamentally similar composition. Blizzard of Static and Cluster of Scramble are two works in similar veins, simply being large and homogeneous in style and structure. In each work the mishmash of color, almost Pollock-like, stands as the main defining feature. Next, Push Pillar Beacons is a work that focuses on its texture, a very interesting coarse yet slimy-looking, almost watery feel. This texture assist the flow of color from the bottom to the top of the image, complimenting and facilitating the shading and apparent reflection of light. Creative Diagram is perhaps the most well-defined work this week, with a clear and consistent mapping of its subject yet differentiated by each line of the diagram being shaded and colored a bit differently. All in all, it gives the work a surprisingly dynamic and lively feel. And finally of note are the pair of works that go together: Rainbow for Pessimists and Rainbow for Optimists, which take the typical Modern Art interpretation of a rainbow and spin it each in their own way, to create matching but contrasting images. Please enjoy!

All of the Jests

Blizzard of Static

Blocking Tape

Cluster of Scramble

Coarse Digital Cover

Creative Diagram

Power Tubes

Push Pillar Beacons

Rainbow for Optimists

Rainbow for Pessimists