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NWMA2 - New Way Modern Art 2

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This is the second NWMA; the original was at the beginning of the era that last week's OWMA2 completed. From here on, each work of Modern Art has been composed with more tools, and with a different mentality and aim than before - but like the original NWMA, this collection has less of a theme than those that will follow it, being composed of the works that didn't fit elsewhere. First among these is Bulbous Suit, another work depicting a business suit, only this one worn by someone bulbous. The work has some interesting texture and coloration on top of it, the deep blue of its background contrasted nicely by more metallic shades towards the work's center. Tendril Hand is also a fairly concrete work, though this one aims for effect more than versatility. The work's background, a rough digital texture in unsaturated red, helps to characterize its mood and clarify the circumstances of the work's subject, depicted in its bottom-left corner. Frostwith is, by contrast, a quite colorful and very abstract work. The texture of the image, and the motif of small circles in a hex pattern that seems to underlie its shading, helps bring out several different colors; and the contours of the picture, especially in the center, almost allude to something. Scratchy Reflect uses an extremely rough texture, one of the roughest in this entire gallery, and restricts its color palette to gray, yellow and black. Yet, it manages to convey a message using its contours, negative space, and a lot of vertical lines. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is The Worst Harp You Can Get, a depiction of exactly that in exactly the way you'd expect from modern art. Please enjoy!

Broadcasted Subsumal

Bulbous Suit

Disembodied Mouth


Leaving Cozy


Scratchy Reflect

Tendril Hand

The Worst Harp You Can Get