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OWMA2 - Old Way Modern Art 2

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This collection, like OWMA, represents the final set of Modern Art that was composed using the same set of tools. All works from here on out were influenced by the existence of more tools, and thus more interesting ways to enhance each work. That's not to say these works are simply the dredges from the bottom of the barrel; far from it. Game Map is a fairly simple work of pixel art that uses a stunning royal purple backdrop to emphasize what seems like the silhouette of the map of a dungeon. That the work is pixel art adds to its effectiveness in representing its title. Mindless Spatter is another work of pixel art, but this one is more in the GPMA style; it's colorful and abstract, but not without a clear sense of where it's going and what it's doing. That gooey pixel texture is not the only instance of interesting texturing in this collection; War for Rights uses a fine but grainy texture to augment its color transitions; and those are impressive in their own right, fighting desperately from all directions to hold the middleground - a great representation of war. Marvel Flow Dance is more restricted in palette and texture, but at the same time it is a notably more refined work. What's most interesting about this work is how it blends magenta into violet, and how its vertical lines - which it uses wonderfully - contrast with the almost-same-colored backgrounds beneath them. Overall, the work has a distinct sense of motion, leading to its name. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Polarized Meet, a rough texture applied to a distinctly odd and unusual color palette. Overall, the focus on a dull orange and pale green, along with gray and silver filling most of the center of the work, give this piece a very metallic feeling, and make it one of the more unique works in this whole gallery. Please enjoy!

Game Map

Ghosts in the Dark

Marvel Flow Dance

Mindless Spatter

Polarized Meet

Slice Off the Top

The Blow Off Fin

War for Rights