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GPMA - Gooey Pixel Modern Art

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This week's works are united in their extremely similar styles, which this collection's title describes quite well. Pixel art, all of them, with a gooey feeling (a style which has been seen before, most notably in the collection MAPC, in works like Liquid Pixel). Besides their texture, though, this collection's works span a wide array of color choices and themes. First of note is Hale Reigns Down, a work as abstract as its title; the foreground of this work is pitch black, outlined in a deep blue liquid pixel style, against a tumultuous violet background. Though the contour of the work brings to mind rain, the clustering-together of the blue-outlined areas in the foreground discourages that same conclusion. Next, Flounded, a more empty work, and a much brighter one. The contrast of blue and cyan against magenta is what accentuates the subjects of this work, and perhaps contributes to its sense of loneliness. The background here is much more uniform, much easier to get lost in – which may be what these cells have done. Aerial Swamp Map, meanwhile, is very outspoken and brash with its coloration; a dull, lush green almost lost against a searing orange that threatens to close in around it. It conveys an impression of an area of greenery and nature being overrun by flame; a desperate, lively work. My personal favorite work this week, though, is Ancantation, a work representative of most of the unmentioned works in this collection in terms of its general composition. Ancantation sets itself apart with how ruthlessly frenetic it is, however; unfailingly abstract foreground edged with a multilayered, hard-to-decipher border, against a loud and distracting background with too many colors contrasted against each other. And yet, within the areas of darkness in this work, a blue goo is painted against the backdrop, too distinctly to be just random; what could it mean? Please enjoy!

Aerial Swamp Map



Gaps in Moltae

Hale Reigns Down


Utter Construction Failure