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MADP - Modern Art Depicting People

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The particular depictions of people in these works are, of course, highly abstract, for the most part. In a way, this collection is a continuation of HNMA from a few weeks ago; it is also the beginning of a short series on humanity, as expressed through modern art. Fat Giant Patting His Tummy is one of the less abstract works in this collection; though, of course, some liberties have been taken with the giant's physiology, it is clearly recognizable. Other than that, this work is more or less standard fare in its choices of colors and textures. Bulbosity Benefits is on the other side of the spectrum; this work is incredibly abstract, but it boasts a fine, consistent texture that meshes weirdly with the vertical lines it uses in its design. The magenta highlight in the corner of the work is one of the things that most gives this work its general mood. Confident Lady and New Leader Throws Out Lines are two more works with distinct, precise linework and cohesive use of special, the latter much less abstract than the former. Similarly, dipping Into Milk and An Idiot, Surviving share a general texture and color style – bright, fully saturated colors that somehow have a smooth and tasteful border against their surroundings. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Stained Suit Jacket, the least abstract work of the collection. This work brings to mind questions regarding what it portrays; what are the blotches of negative space on the jacket? What caused them? What does the work's dark color signify? At any rate, please enjoy!

An Idiot, Surviving

Bulbousity Benefits

Confident Lady

Dipping Into Milk

Fat Giant Patting His Tummy

New Leader Throws Out Lines

Nosy One

Stained Suit Jacket