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HNMA - Human Nature Modern Art

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As its name would suggest, each work from this collection represents a different part of the collective human nature, in its own abstract way. Though human nature can at times be ugly, it's also important to remember that it's beautiful and virtuous as well; this collection strives to represent both sides of this duality. Advertising in All Directions is a fairly typical example. A colorful work with a focus on its negative space for presenting its theme, this piece means to allude to the human tendency to capitalize on opportunities, act in many directions as possible for advancement. Unfulfilled Expectancy is similar in composition, but less colorful and more subdued and natural. In theme, it outlines the expectancy, a spoiled combination of greed and sloth, that is so common among us. Niceness in the Wrong Hands takes this theme even further, portraying perhaps the reverse; a generous and charitable person, but who does what they do for their own self-improvement only. It is deeply human to help others only when one benefits in return, which is what is portrayed here. Again, though, not all of these works are negative in nature; for example, take In The Name Of The Flag, a work exemplifying patriotism and loyalty. The imagery of the flag is exceedingly clear, though the rest of the work is abstract enough. Jade Fist is another such work, bearing a subdued yet lustrous color scheme and a fairly neutral moral tone. Power and violence are human as well, but even as they are turned to negative ends, just as often are they turned to positive and righteous ends as well. Finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Strengths Where Due, one of the most abstract works in this collection and also one of the more tastefully colorful. More than anything, it means to emphasize that humanity has its strengths, and humanity does emphasize those strengths; it's a positive message, overall. Please enjoy!

Advertising in All Directions

Hot and Spirited

In The Name Of The Flag

Jade Fist

Niceness in the Wrong Hands

Strengths Where Due

Tow Topping Tout

Unfulfilled Expectancy