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MASP - Modern Art Servile Protectors

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This collection is themed after "servile protectors" - guardians who devote their lives to the protection and well-being of one specific thing, whether that thing is an individual or simply a concept. As a consequence, these works are somewhat less abstract than usual. Serpent of the Fruit Tree, for example, alludes to the archetypical biblical scene, clearly defining the snake's head. The tree can be taken as an abstraction – what's important is that the serpent is protecting it, "guarding" it, in a sense. Servant to the Deep is similar, and just as straightforward. More cohesive with its color design, it again makes the protector concrete and the protected abstract. The concept of "the deep" is nebulous, though it can clearly be characterized by the tumultuous dark blue background of the image, as well as the multiplicitous presence of what seem to be ghasts throughout the image – perhaps the deep is really a setting, rather than an entity. The Conqueror's Solid Champion takes a different approach; it is very deliberate in showing the champion, as a silhouette, but does not show the conqueror at all. Indeed, the setting for the champion is abstract and symbolic, almost bowing to the champion – or perhaps the conqueror behind, just out of our view. Master Tries to Leave is probably the most abstract image in this collection, but the shape of the master is still clearly identifiable; and the contour of the image, and the claws of fate given form, draw that master back, preventing escape. Despite its vibrance in color, this image is grim. My personal favorite work this week is Protector of Fragments, an only marginally less abstract work with a diverse but measured color palette. Where the protector stops and the fragments begin is difficult to define; perhaps the protector is made of fragments, and the title of the work has a double meaning. Please enjoy!

Feeling of a Phantom Wound

Filling a Well

For Want Of Else But Aught

Master Tries to Leave

Protector of Fragments

Serpent of the Fruit Tree

Servant to the Deep

Target and Protector

The Conqueror's Solemn Champion