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DDMA - Despairing Destiny Modern Art

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The works represented this week are dark and almost hopeless in mood; a negative view of a destiny too large for anyone to possibly control. Many of these works are abstract, just like the concept of destiny is as a whole. Expectations Empty, for example; a work with no particular image to display, no particular expectation to elicit. It utilizes a digital style in its horizontal bars design, and does nothing more complicated than simply playing around with red, blue, and violet hues. Long Since Crashed is a very different work, much less abstract, but is even more foreboding and dark; it depicts the aftermath, after many yers, of a vehicle crash. Vertical lines are used to interesting effect in this work, with more tightly contained vertical strokes helping to outline and define the subject of the image. Trapped in Foundation is kind of a mix of these two works, taking the texture and color strategy of the former and the concrete design of the latter in order to make an interesting, somewhat abstract yet very distinct, picture with some interesting usage of tertiary colors. Then, Space Left For More takes that same digital style and more segmented style, and loops back around to a dark and and despairful atmosphere. This work is contemplative - again, abstract yet distinct - and boasts a beautiful violet-centered color scheme. And finally of note is Kiibou in Wait, a red and pink focused work that yet again embodies an abstract distinction. I've no idea what a kiibou is, but it lies in wait, foreboding, and this image illustrates that clearly. Please enjoy!

Cadence Layer

Collagelike Ideal

Expectations Empty

Impenetrable Means Impenetrable

Kiibou in Wait

Long Since Crashed

Space Left for More

Trapped In Foundation