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TAMA - Thoughtfully Abstract Modern Art

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These are works to which I struggle to really assign a distinct picture, or object. While this collection is highly abstract, however, it is not incomprehensible; these abstract works are is measured, just not representative of any particular things. First of note are Contrast Half-Wedged and Robenand, two works that experiment with directly contrasting colors; cyan and red in the former, and magenta and green in the latter. Each work uses a simple, straightforward design that gets the point across, and manages to tastefully mix its two chosen colors into a pretty cohesive work. Next, Nonw uses a thoroughly fascinating color gradient, from a dingy olive through yellow to white, against a bright red backdrop. A thoroughly abstract work, to be sure, but one with its own distinct personality. Antakuit is a work focused on green and black that makes itself unique by focusing on a rosy highlight towards its center. This work displays an interesting mix of coarse shading, a roughly digital style, and a slight pastel gradient, making it worth seeing. Color Unsnipped is probably the least abstract work in this collection, which is saying something. This work's use of color, however, is incredible; it incorporates many of them, using very fine and delicate digital shading to bridge gaps, and it manages to make itself into a cohesive and expressive work, despite its abstraction. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Bue. Similar in its use of color to Color Unsnipped, Bue is less focused on gradients and transitions and more focused on layering of colors atop each other, making a wondrous collage with traces of pastel gradient style scattered throughout. Please enjoy!


Bordered Enjoyability


Color Unsnipped

Contrast Half-Wedged

Fancy Measured Fight