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RWMA2 - Ripple Wave Modern Art 2

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The first RWMA was a very special collection, uploaded as the 100th collection in this gallery. This week's selection, like then, focuses on ripple waves, but in a selection of more mundane works. This also allows different, less flashy styles to get a chance to shine. Lemony Wave experiments with blending Ripple Waves with background colors that fundamentally alter them, in this case portraying a direct transition from rainbow into yellow-green. How Waves Reconnect is similar, only instead it focuses on blue and violet. Specifically, it uses its color scheme uniquely, a white background in between a blue and a violet, emphasizing the change in color and texture of the wave pattern as it passes from one area to another. It acts as somewhat of a bridge, as befits its name and general goal. Smug Wave Cast is a darker, rustier piece, boasting a very visceral texture and general mood; the work's negative space is abrupt and pure (or, as pure as a deep black can get, anyway), and the wave's contour suggests that it is being cast at the darkness. One wonders what lies inside. On an entirely different note, Bowl of Waves takes the Ripple Wave archetype and does something completely unique with it, first pasting it atop a highly digital and partly transparent texture, and then isolating it completely and abruptly from other parts of the work. The resulting combination is elegant and thought-provoking. Gel Waves is more standard in its use of waves, but its texture is very much not, being in fact more similar to some of the liquidy pixel art in this gallery's history. It is a gooey work, and a jarringly bright one, embracing a palette of lemon, lime, and electric blue, and it is my personal favorite work this week. Please enjoy!

Bowl of Waves

Desk of Frustration

Gel Waves

How Waves Reconnect

Lemony Wave

Smug Wave Cast

Waiving Waves

Wave Filling Emptiness

Wave-Powered Beam

Wise Whys