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Continuing our "humanity" series of Modern Art, this collection takes a focus on what people have done in the world – the things we've created in order to help us create more. Once again, this collection is somewhat abstract; Dial Effect Without Purpose is probably the most so, delivering a distinct and clean work that derives aspects of its style from several different sources. It has a rough digital texture, it incorporates vertical lines, and the focal point of the image, all the way on its right edge, is extremely distinct and sharp. Fallen to Strips is also very abstract, and its texture is interestingly smooth, contrasting with its design and the distribution of color within it. This collection also has a little bit of pixel art, mostly in the GPMA style: Butter Melter is a very bright yellow-focused work that depicts both the butter melter and the melting butter. Glitched Leash is not quite in that same style, but manages to make itself unique against most pixel art by embodying a truly digital style, down to even its contours, texture, and color scheme. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Digital Fragmentation, a crisp and multicolored work with a very well-defined texture, that manages to find a tasteful middleground between pixel art and ordinary modern art in a digital style. Please enjoy!

Butter Melter

Dial Effect Without Purpose

Digital Fragmentation


Fallen to Strips

Glitched Leash

Reverse Embedded Hook

Unfun Funnel