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MAHC - Modern Art Human Constructions

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To conclude our "humanity" series, this collection focuses on depictions of things that humans may have built - the legacy, it could be said, of humanity. As usual, many of these works tend towards the abstract, but one of the least so is Finned Propellerboat, a red-focused work with interesting and fairly selective use of certain common motifs. The propellor and fin (or, if you prefer, the rudder) are clearly visible in this work, and the rest of the boat is depicted as more of a raft, floating on a surface unseen beneath the red sky. A Viewing Structure is only slightly more abstract, with a pleasant green focus and an extremely sharp and well-defined texture. The "viewing structure" of the picture is the construction in the center; the way that the left and right edges seem to fall off of the bottom implies its elevation. Sinnisgrin Lantern is a bit more abstract, focusing more on its colors, but its general shape, location, and orientation still gets across its intended meaning. The coloring style in this work, in particular, is quite striking – almost fluorescent green and yellow light from the middle of the work, fading out into a deep and intense orange in deliberate, layered strokes. Sufficeful Living Situation is even more abstract - perhaps the most so in this whole collection. What it is meant to represent is more metaphorical and figurative, anyhow, and its coloration and texture reinforce this: an imperfect, yet solid, golden fixture in the midground of the picture, resting upon a blackened hill with a bright sand at the bottom, against a navy blue twilight. But my personal favorite work this week is Token of Arms, a much lighter work that, while less abstract, is also less comprehensible, depicting the baring of armaments as a show of force, in its own Modern Art way. Please enjoy!

A Viewing Structure

Ceiling-Mounted Machine

Finned Propellerboat

Sinnisgrin Lantern

Stream Out

Sufficeful Living Situation

The Great Supporting Depth

Token of Arms