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MAE2 - Modern Art Environments 2

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The first MAE was 50 collections ago. Now, we return with more fascinating Modern Art environments. As might be expected, these works focus primarily on portraying a landscape, rather than one particular object. In particular, many of these works display interesting textures and compositional styles. Moss Garden is an example; the style of shading is very distinct, and the texture of the work, while definitely digital, is quite smooth. Jade Grove is less digital in texture and more rough, but the usage of color in this work is thoroughly impressive – a luminescent jade color against a bright white, to make a stunning scene with a very real sense of depth and lighting. Eclipses in the Land Above is, by contrast, a very smooth work, though it does have a similarity in that it focuses mainly on a single color. In this case, the shading is paramount; the transition from light to dark is layered yet smooth, and the well-defined areas of negative space really help sell the picture's premise. Gemtrine Valley is a much less delicate work, filled with many different emotions: excitement, apprehension, greed, foreboding. The work's interesting contrast of the colors it chooses to use, and the weird curves in each part of it, make this work unique. And finally of note, my personal favorite work this week is Icy Glades, a cold, rough, and rigid work with a great sense of depth and scale, as befitting this week's theme. Please enjoy!

Cavescape Cross-Section


Eclipses in the Land Above

Gemtrine Valley

Icy Glades

Jade Grove

Moss Garden

Most Stable Environment

Narrow Landscape